There's nothing more exciting than when we have fabulous new antiques and collectibles come into the store. We search far and wide for unique items that fit contemporary tastes, yet bring the flavor of the past. The contrast of new and old can be very effective and classy. From 'smalls' such as European and American china and vintage pottery to larger items that stand out gloriously on their own, you'll love the variety at Take Two Antiques.

Item 1. Charming Wyoming Cabin Painted 1928 Dresser

Both charm and history!  This sweet dresser was my grandparents. It remained in the bedroom of the same log cabin on their Wyoming ranch since 1928. A few coats of paint over the next 90 years of paint has made no worse for wear! It's hard to let it go but it's good know it will be appreciated once more. Check it out at Attilia's Antiques in Santa Cruz, CA, Booth 37ds

Price:  $200

Just Sold!

Item 2. Hand-Painted Ceramic Medieval Chess Set

Is your medieval self calling 'checkmate'? This highly detailed tabletop chess set will make you want to be king of your kingdom. Branded Scioto. 1976 on the bottom of the 4-piece game board, each game piece is artfully painted by hand. You won't find another like it!

Price:  $135

Item 3. Late 1920s TEXACO OIL sign --The perfect sign for the avid oil company/automobile history collector.

Fresh from a Wyoming barn southeast of Yellowstone, here's a great chance to own a legacy large 2-sided enamel Texaco Gasoline Motor Oil sign with original hangers. The sign probably hadn't been moved for 50+ years and was protected from the elements. It dates around the late 1920s. Come with some documentation of a relationship with the Lander, WY Texaco station. It was likely a billboard on the property along Hwy 26 going towards Dubois, Wyoming.

These signs are highly collectible and are rarely found in this condition. The colors are very bright on both sides. The sign has a signature single bullet wound that did not go through. Some chipping exists around it and near a few of the mounting hooks and other areas and there are some scratches and some rust on one side where items were set on top of the sign.


Price: $3000


Item 4. Old Bourbon Whiskey Barrel

Everyone loves the old wine or whiskey barrel for outdoor plantings so the good old ones are hard to find in one piece. Make this one (c.1952 Ohio) into a bar table for your patio or put a plant on top instead! It's ready to go with a glass top.

Price: $125

Item 5. Cool Old Portable Church Pews/Chairs

You won't find these vintage double and single foldable wood pews and chairs any old day! They come from a loft in a 130 year old church in the Santa Cruz Mts. Carefully stored, most are in great condition. 17 single chairs and 10 double wide chairs or pews available. Great for parties, entryways, gardens, decks, you choose!

Price: $50 each doubles; $20 each singles

Item 6. Vintage Leather Doctor's Bag

Dr. Alex Eden must have carried this bag to and from his home and office or to personal appointments when in-home visits were the norm. The bag shows some where but is still fully functional and the zipper works! Use it for display, as a prop or even a gift bag!

Price: Originally $79; $65 on Sale!

Item 7. Acoma, New Mexico Olla Pot

Here's a beautiful medium sized 'olla' by Ruby Shroulote, a wonderful example of early to mid-1900s Native American Indian art. Ruby Shroulote was prolific during this period and she has many relatives now carrying on the tradition of this beautiful art.

Price: $400

(View by request)

Item 8. Unique Peruvian Folding Altar
This hand-carved antique folding wood 'altar' comes from Peru, brought back by a friend who lived there for a few years in the 1960s. The figures appear to be fertility gods and are different on each panel, front and back. The altar must have been painted a baby blue at one time as some of the paint still remains. 13"H x 17"W (open), 8.5"W (closed).

Price: $100

Item 9. Pair of Classic Entry Chairs

The pretty taffeta fabric on this set of chairs says it all!. Class and style, yet that cozy feel in the right setting, whether it be your entryway, library or living room. More than shabby chic and a great price! Find them at Attilia's Antiques, Booth 37ds.

Price: $100/2