Take Two Antiques is nestled among a group of eclectic and passionate antiques and collectibles dealers at Attilia's Antiques in Santa Cruz. We love what we do and are dedicated to making your experience both enjoyable and rewarding. Finding just the right item that complements your unique taste and design ideas makes us smile. From steampunk farm finds and one-of-a-kind ceramics to unique furniture and home and garden decor, you will always find something fascinating and different at Take Two Antiques.

Proprietor, Dana Scoby, has had a life-long affair with the meaning of old stuff. Starting with her early travels to England and Europe where her parents may have coined the word 'antiquing', Dana's love for the old and unusual topped with a good story behind it shows in her collections. In addition to caring for the future histories of the antiques and collectibles offered in the store, she's making sure the young musicians also learn to appreciate the history and value of the classics, including old musical instruments. You see, as a violin and piano teacher she enjoys educating her students how important it is to appreciate and learn the value of the arts!

Once you own a nicely made, hand-crafted antique, you'll find there's no comparison to today's mass produced items. Every old item has a unique past and story. Here at Take Two Antiques, what is old becomes new again in the eyes of a fresh beholder! How fascinating and special that its story will carry on today and in the future.